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Welcome to the Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP) website.

Important links to local and regional coronavirus information:

C19 Vale of Pewsey Support Network to get key contact information across all the parishes and villages in the Pewsey Community Area

Wiltshire Council Coronavirus Page

Latest update on PCAP events:

Click here to see the Chair of PCAP’s latest Annual Report to the Parishes and interested parties for 2020-2021

Movement & Music Together – Restarted in April at Bouverie Hall.
For more information call Sylvie Clayden on 07770 417 013.

The Pewsey Vale Memory Cafe has been cancelled for January as we cannot risk our group with the Covid infection rates as high as they are currently.  We will endeavour to contact everyone to let them know, but please spread the word if you know anyone who attends or plans to attend.

Hopefully we will be back in February with National Memory Day to create some poetry!


PCAP meetings – after a brief period of face to face meetings in July and October, we have decided to go back to Zoom for the January meeting as the transmission rates are currently so high.

We continue to follow public health advice.

PCAP supports and helps organisations and Parish Councils in the Pewsey Community Area.  Working with local groups, Parish Councils, businesses and Wiltshire Council, through the Pewsey Area Board,  PCAP strives to resolve issues and make changes for the better.

PCAP meets quarterly and it is a public meeting where Parish Councils, Wiltshire Council and other interested organisations are invited to take part.  Projects and other actions are generated by the meeting and are monitored through the PCAP plan and through a quarterly Parish Council Issues Report.

PCAP has a committee covering:

  • Management Group
  • Countryside & Environment
  • Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Housing & Local Development
  • Transport & Highways
  • Crime & Community Safety
  • Culture, Heritage & Leisure
  • Economy
  • Health & Social Care

You can find out more about PCAP here.